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Hospital Negligence Archives

Nursing homes blasted for not caring for residents

Nursing homes are supposed to properly care for the residents in their care. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which nursing homes put profits before patients. These facilities are often the site of neglect and abuse of residents.

Lab mix ups can make patients fret or relax unnecessarily

Patients rely on laboratory testing for a variety of things, including life-altering diagnosis of medical conditions. In some cases, the lab results can give the patient false hope or a false sense of worry. In both cases, it is unfair to the patient to have to deal with these issues because of errors in the lab.

Proper monitoring is vital after surgery to prevent patient harm

Proper care after a surgery is crucial for healing. These patients have to be monitored for signs of infection. Their vital signs must be watched during this time. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which patients who are just coming out of surgery are being placed in non-surgical ICUs. This can lead to them getting less attention from doctors, which could result in significant health issues.

Congress proposes sweeping changes in malpractice laws

Those in New Mexico who are fortunate enough to have never suffered an injury or lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent physician may say that a multi-million dollar malpractice lawsuit is outrageous. However, you know differently. You know that pain goes beyond physical discomfort and that, even when the physical pain abates, the emotional pain may continue.

The Dangers of Unnecessary Cardiac Stents

Cardiac disease is dangerous and life-threatening. Therefore, it's understandable that when a physician suggests surgical intervention to treat a heart problem, you and your loved ones take the recommendation under serious advisement.

You can seek compensation for hospital negligence injuries

We recently discussed how medical malpractice lawsuits can vary from one case to another. One type of case that comes up with medical malpractice issues is hospital negligence. This is an extremely serious type of malpractice because very sick people who need inpatient care are the ones who are affected.

Medical malpractice lawsuits vary greatly

Medical malpractice lawsuits are based on the specifics of what happened to you. There are different types of medical malpractice cases that you might consider if you are injured by a medical professional. The effects of the situation are often dire. Patients can suffer considerably when they don't get the care they deserve.

CDC Not "Compelled" to Report Fatal Medical Errors

Most of us go through life with limited medical knowledge, and are therefore forced to trust our doctors to listen to our accounts of our symptoms and treat our various ailments accordingly based on their own knowledge and expertise. Being a good patient means following their instructions, and there's a general assumption that those who do so are likely to feel better and function better in their lives. When that doesn't happen, there's another assumption that the doctor and/or other medical professionals did their best. Only that assumption is untrue more often than most of us are led to believe.