What Does Medical Malpractice Look Like?

You've heard of medical malpractice, but what does it actually look like? Find out what you need to know in this article.

Medical malpractice can come in many forms. This makes it very important that you understand the signs of malpractice when you're under the care of a doctor, nurse, or hospital. When you're seeking medical care, you're worried about getting the treatment you need to feel better. You probably aren't worried about whether or not your care is ethical or appropriate. Unfortunately, mistakes sometimes happen. If your doctor is negligent, however, and you suffer physical and emotional consequences from that negligence, it may be time to consult with an attorney. Your lawyer will evaluate your case and talk about your options with you. Remember that even medical malpractice cases have a statute of limitations, so it's important to reach out promptly to get the help you need.

Mixed-Up Medication

Medication errors can happen to anyone. You should also know that they can happen anywhere. This means that you could receive the wrong medication at the hospital. You could receive the wrong dosage of your medication. You might also get the wrong medication at the pharmacy, however. In some cases, the wrong prescription will be filled. In other cases, the doctor may prescribe the wrong medication. They may give you a medication that interacts with something else you are taking or they might give you a prescription you're seriously allergic to. These errors are quite dangerous since medications may carry side effects. Some of these are long-lasting and may have a large impact on your life.


Doctors are humans, which means that mistakes can happen. Not all mistakes are considered medical malpractice. In fact, many doctors are willing to admit when they make a small mistake with their patients. Unfortunately, some mistakes are larger than others. If you have received the wrong diagnosis or your doctor has neglected to run tests that could give you a proper diagnosis, this could fall under medical neglect. Medical neglect or malpractice occurs when a doctor's negligence leads either to a wrong diagnosis or to a lack of diagnosis that has serious side effects and a large impact on your life.

Birth Injuries

When a child is brought into the world, new parents should be overjoyed and excited; however, sometimes during the process of pregnancy and birth, mistakes happen. These mistakes can lead to birth injuries, including dislocated shoulders and bruising on the child. Some infants are born with fractured bones due to medical malpractice and neglect. Receiving the wrong medication during pregnancy can lead to more serious birth defects and even brain damage of the child. These injuries should be taken seriously, documented, and presented to an attorney for review.

Learn more when you visit your attorney to discuss your options. Your lawyer will help you understand how to move forward.