Albuquerque Failure To Diagnose Heart Attack Attorney

Negligent Care Can Mean A Missed Diagnosis

In emergency rooms and in doctors' offices, physicians will sometimes overlook clinical symptoms and risk factors. The result can be a failure to diagnose a heart attack.

At the Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski law firm, you will be able to talk with medical malpractice lawyers who have extensive experience investigating and litigating cases against doctors and hospitals. An Albuquerque failure to diagnose heart attack attorney can help answer your questions about what happened.

Heart Attacks Can Be Preventable With Attentive Care

The attending doctor may not pay attention to the symptoms — shortness of breath, diaphoresis (heavy sweating), nausea and vomiting. Or the doctor or other ER personnel may not order the necessary tests such as an EKG (electrocardiogram) or stress test or a cardiac enzyme test.

Risk factors are important, too, in assessing a patient who may have had a heart attack. If the patient is overweight, has high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, or if the patient smokes or has a family history of heart attacks, the attending doctor should factor that into a decision.

When appropriate test are not ordered, if the patient is sent home and later dies of a heart attack, the doctors and hospital involved should be held accountable for a failure to diagnose a heart attack.

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