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January 2014 Archives

A $62 million verdict returned in surgical error case

While it didn't occur in New Mexico, a $62 million medical malpractice verdict is worth noting. Because of a claimed surgical error for an ectopic pregnancy, a woman ended up having both legs amputated, required a colostomy, and lost most of her hearing.

Complaint: Brain injuries caused by doctors during child's birth

There seems to be an increase in birth injury cases throughout the country. In New Mexico and elsewhere there have been some large settlements and also jury verdicts in cases with devastating brain injuries to the newborn caused by medical malpractice. In some cases, the injuries are associated with cerebral palsy, which signifies damage to the cerebrum part of the brain.

Medical negligence extends woman's suffering and recovery time

Sprained and broken ankles are common among children and adults in New Mexico and elsewhere. They can be quite painful at first; however, the pain generally subsides as the ankle heals. Continued pain, even after following a doctor's orders, can indicate that there is another problem. A woman in a nearby state visited the emergency room because of an ankle injury. What was originally diagnosed as a sprained ankle turned out to be much more, and a suit for medical negligence has now been filed.

Lawsuit alleges woman's death due to hospital understaffing

A healthy 26-year-old woman should never be subjected to a life-threatening crisis because of a lack of adequate staffing at a medical facility. However, a lawsuit filed recently says that's exactly what happened to a young doctor who suffered irreversible brain damage and died because of a blood clot that was not properly diagnosed.

Family awarded huge amount in damages for son's birth injuries

We have written about many cases of birth injuries on our New Mexico medical malpractice blog in the past. While many of these cases lead to settlements or verdicts for a family that is struggling to cope with a birth injury sustained during a difficult labor, it is rare that verdicts are as substantial as one that was handed down recently in Pennsylvania.

Parents allege that medication error caused daughter's death

Parents in New Mexico get understandably nervous when their children have to undergo sensitive medical procedures. Children, particularly young ones, may not understand why they might have to be sedated or to go under the knife to address a health concern. Kids may not be able to express themselves adequately if something goes wrong, or if they don't react well to medication or a particular kind of treatment.

Robotic surgery is no exception to medical malpractice

New Mexicans advised to have robotic surgery may be wise to heed a New Jersey woman's experience as a warning to proceed only after expert consultation about every available medical option. After suffering a severe internal burn injury during a robotic hysterectomy in May of 2013, a 45-year-old mother currently faces a third surgical repair while living on long-term disability and in constant fear of losing her job. She says she had no idea the device her doctor planned to use had been linked to many prior injuries. Such ignorance is purportedly common and primarily caused by a combination of the Food and Drug Administration's lack of legal authority to compel physician disclosure and widespread hospital failure to make required reports of such surgical errors.

3 deaths related to tuberculosis

New Mexico residents may have heard of a number of cases of tuberculosis in Nevada. According to a report, Nevada public health officials may have linked several dozen new tuberculosis cases to prior exposure during a recent case of the disease in a neonatal unit.

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