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Causes of cerebral palsy are sometimes preventable

Finding out that your baby has a chronic health condition isn't easy for any parent. One diagnosis that is especially troubling for some is cerebral palsy, which is the result of abnormal brain development in the areas that control the muscles. This damage will usually occur within a month of birth, which includes during and before birth. It is possible that it will occur during the first year or later in some cases.

Vacuum extractions for delivery can be risky

Most women go through labor with the hope of having an uneventful delivery. This isn't always the case. Sometimes, things don't go as planned and the woman will need help to deliver the baby. One option for this is a vacuum extraction. This involves using a special device to help guide the baby down the birth canal. While it can help with the delivery, it comes with risks.

Remember that a birth plan is a wish list

Your baby's birth should be a joyful experience. One way that you can make your wishes for this time known is to fill out a birth plan and have with you when you go to the hospital. There are many things to include in this plan, but you must remember that this is just a list of guidelines and suggestions. You shouldn't think of your birth plan as something that is set in stone.

Forceps pose risks to mothers and babies

Everyone wants to have a healthy baby, so it is disheartening when they hear that something is amiss with during labor. The possibility of a forceps delivery comes up if labor isn't progressing or if there are certain issues with the baby. While this might be the best option for delivery at the time, there are some serious risks that come with forceps being used to help.

You can take legal action over a birth injury due to negligence

Going to a hospital or birthing center to welcome a new addition to the family should be a joyful time. It shouldn't be one that leaves you with sadness and questions about what went wrong. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which a mom and newborn aren't cared for properly. This can lead to harm being done to one or both of them. This is a tragic situation that likely could have been prevented if the medical staff had followed proper protocol.

Proper monitoring can prevent some birth injuries

There is a delicate balance that has to happen when a pregnant woman goes into labor. When she goes into the hospital, the nursing staff and other medical professionals caring for her need to focus on her and the baby. Part of this is done by properly monitoring both patients. When this happens, some issues might be prevented.

Birth injuries are much different from birth defects

Many things can happen when a woman is having a baby. From the moment she goes into labor, she will be monitored closely. But the nurses have a difficult job to do. While most nurses have one patient in the room, labor and delivery nurses have two patients – the woman and the baby. Trying to balance both of them can be rather taxing, but they have a duty to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Placental abruption: A sometimes fatal condition

The natural experience of a woman going through labor is sometimes cut short when her vital signs begin to plummet. This is sometimes due to placental abruption. This condition occurs when the woman's placenta detaches from the uterine wall before the baby is born. Not only can this threaten the mother's life, but the baby's life also hangs in the balance.

Placenta problems are disastrous if they aren't promptly treated

The placenta plays an important role in pregnancy, but there are serious issues that can develop if there are problems with it. The placenta forms when a woman becomes pregnant. It attaches to the uterus and carries nutrition and oxygen to the developing baby through the umbilical cord. After the baby is born, the placenta detaches and passes through the birth canal. Unfortunately, things don't always happen as they should.

Birth injuries demand legal action against the negligent party

The labor and delivery process isn't easy on the woman or the baby. There are times when one or both of them might suffer an injury. Some injuries are considered part and parcel of the process but others are the result of medical malpractice. You likely don't have to do anything about the former; however, seeking compensation is possible with the latter.

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