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Birth Injuries Archives

Problems occurring after birth can be very serious

It is all too easy to think of the dangers of childbirth as ending when the baby is born. This isn't the case. There are some issues that can creep up after the birth. These can be just as serious as those that do happen during labor and delivery. All women who are preparing for childbirth should find out some of the basic things to expect in the days following birth.

Common types of birth injuries and their causes

You've spent 9 months eagerly anticipating the arrival of your new baby. All at once, though, your world changes forever when your infant son or daughter suffers a serious birth injury, leaving your tiny newborn in pain and suffering, or even with permanent -- and often life-changing -- damage. What, exactly, are these traumatic birth injuries? Simply put, they're injuries that occur before, during or immediately after labor and delivery. However, there's nothing "simple" about birth trauma when your child's health or very life is at stake.

New mothers might suffer from serious birth injuries

Many people think of birth injuries as those that impact the baby; however, as we've discussed in previous blogs like last week's blog, there are also birth injuries that impact the mother. These birth injuries are very serious. In some cases, the mother might not be able to care for her child without help because of her injury. This is simply inexcusable.

Did a brain injury at birth lead to your child's cerebral palsy?

Having a child can cause you to experience a great deal of euphoria. You may only imagine the wonderful activities in which you will participate and experiences you will enjoy with your child. However, after his or her birth, you may experience a feeling of dismay after learning your child has suffered a brain injury.

Beware the dangers that come with C-sections

Many women in this country deliver their children via C-sections. In fact, this is the most common surgical procedure in the United States. What some women might not know is that a C-section can put them at risk of complications if they have to have a hysterectomy later in life. This is something that could turn a difficult situation into one that is even more serious.

Serious problems can occur during birth, don't suffer in silence

A woman who suffers a traumatic birth will likely find that the trauma of the birth is only aspect of life that she will have trouble dealing with. Oftentimes, these women are left to suffer in silence because the medical community is largely silent on these issues.

Know where to turn for compensation after a birth injury

Bringing home a precious bundle of joy is something that parents expect when they go to the hospital for a labor and delivery of a baby. Some parents who go into the hospital don't get the elated feeling when they are in the hospital because they are suddenly thrust into the horrors of a birth injury.

Claims for compensation for a birth injury can't be delayed

Birth injuries are harrowing for the parents who have to deal with the knowledge that their perfect baby was harmed by a doctor. These parents might choose to seek compensation for the birth injury in an effort to get the doctor to cover the damages the family has to deal with.

What should I know about a birth injury compensation claim?

Having a baby who is injured at birth is an experience that any expectant mother dreads. These injuries might be minor, however, they can also be very serious. When the child's future is impacted by the birth injury, the parents might opt to seek compensation. Consider these points if you have a child who suffered an injury at birth.

Untreated fetal distress can be disastrous

Some women hate the thought of having to be attached to a fetal monitor when they are in labor. While this is a pretty common reaction, it is important to understand the very important reason for the monitoring. Keeping a watchful eye on the fetal heart rate can help the doctors and nurses ensure that the fetus isn't going into distress.