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Failure to diagnose Crohn's disease leads to lifelong issues

People who aren't familiar with Crohn's disease mistakenly think that the disease only impacts the intestines. Unfortunately, this misconception might lead to it not being diagnosed as early as possible. This is a chronic inflammatory condition that impacts the entire digestive tract. Because not everyone with the disease has the exact same presentation, it is often difficult to receive an accurate diagnosis quickly.

Doctors not paying attention can lead to patient harm

The health care system in this country is largely broken. Not only is it cost-prohibitive to many, but some doctors just aren't attentive. Instead of taking the time to listen to their patients, many doctors will try to rush through as many patients as they can within a day. Unfortunately, the people who need help the most are likely going to suffer harm because of this.

Lyme disease is too serious for a delayed diagnosis

Lyme disease is a serious condition that can have lifelong impacts. Unfortunately, this is a condition that often isn't diagnosed right away. In fact, at least 50% of people who have this condition note that it took them more than three years to receive a diagnosis.

Failure to diagnose is a serious matter that can harm or kill

Many factors go into a doctor being able to make a medical diagnosis. When there is any defect in the necessary information, including tests and imaging studies, there is a chance that a diagnosis will be missed. This can lead to very serious impacts for the innocent patient who only wanted to get help for what was wrong with them. We know that you might not think you will ever have to deal with this, but if you do, you need to know that there are options.

Grave damage can occur in a failure to diagnose case

Patients who go to the emergency room with signs that something is seriously wrong should be able to get the care that addresses the problem. This includes people who have a heart attack or stroke. Failing to diagnose these conditions properly can lead to the patient suffering from major health impacts, and it might even lead to death. We know that no patient should have to deal with a doctor not diagnosing their condition properly. When this does occur, the patient might choose to seek compensation.

Untreated strokes can lead to life-changing disabilities

A person who is having a stroke needs proper medical as quickly as possible. Leaving these conditions untreated means that the person might have more damage done to the brain than what would have occurred with proper treatments. This is why prompt diagnosis and treatment are imperative. Unfortunately, some patients have to deal with the doctors who are evaluating them not making an accurate diagnosis.

Missed appendicitis can be a fatal condition

When a patient in the emergency room presents with complaints of severe abdominal pain, there are a few things that might be wrong. One of these is appendicitis. No matter what the diagnosis actually is, it needs to be the correct one. Failing to diagnose appendicitis properly can lead to serious issues, up to and including death.

Pneumonia can be fatal if not diagnosed properly

This is the season when conditions like pneumonia run rampant. For this reason, doctors should be on the lookout for the classic signs of this illness. Unfortunately, it is possible that your condition could go undiagnosed if the doctor is rushing or not paying close enough attention. A failure to diagnose pneumonia could lead to serious medical issues for the patient. In some cases, it might result in death.

Appendicitis is life-threatening if not diagnosed promptly

Appendicitis is a serious medical condition that is caused by the inflammation of the appendix. If it is left without appropriate treatment, which is likely going to include surgical removal, there is a chance that it will swell until it bursts. This can lead to infectious fluid being spread throughout the abdominal cavity, which can lead to a fatal condition known as peritonitis.

Lung cancer: A missed diagnosis can be a death sentence

Lung cancer is a serious disease that requires urgent treatment. Unfortunately, not all patients with this condition are able to obtain the medical care they need quickly. They might go to the doctor with symptoms that can occur with other conditions. Some of the most common symptoms of lung cancer, which include shortness of breath and coughing, are also associated with many other conditions. This might lead the doctors caring for you to misdiagnose this condition.

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