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Surgical errors are sometimes caused by poor communication

Patients who are taken to the operating room can't watch what's going on or speak up if something isn't going as it should. They are at the mercy of the medical professional people who are working on them. These individuals should be able to communicate freely and work as a team, but this doesn't always happen.

Preoperative protocol can prevent wrong-site surgeries

No patient should ever experience a wrong-site surgery. There are too many options for medical teams to prevent this type of never event; however, workers don't always follow safety guidelines. One primary control method for this situation is for workers to slow down. Apart from emergency cases, there isn't any reason for speed to be a factor in the admission and preparation process.

Retained surgical supplies are a big problem for patients

Many different surgical errors can occur when a patient is under anesthesia. It is up to the people in the operating room to ensure that the patient remains safe. One problem that is particularly troublesome is when objects are left in the patient's body. This is one surgical error that could always be prevented if everyone would just use proper protocol.

Sharp or blunt surgical errors? Both are serious!

Surgical errors can negatively harm the patients who are seeking care for a medical condition. With the exception of an emergency procedure, the patients usually carefully consider their choices for the person who will perform the surgery. They should remember that even the most experienced surgeon can make errors in the operating room.

Medical teams should watch patients carefully after surgery

Surgical errors can be devastating for the patients. There are a couple of major issues that might come into the picture in these cases. One of these occurs when surgical supplies are left in the patient. The other is when infection is introduced into the wound. Both of these cases can lead to significant injury to the patient.

Some surgeries are more dangerous than others

Having surgery comes with a specific set of risks. When a patient is cut open or has to be placed under anesthesia, they face potential risks. The anesthesia could set off an allergic reaction or even cause death to a patient. Cutting the skin can introduce bacteria to the wound, which may lead to an infection.

Post-surgical complications demand immediate attention

After you have surgery, there are many complications that you have to watch for. When you are in a surgery center or hospital after a surgical procedure, the nurses and doctors caring for you are the ones who should watch for signs that something is amiss. While most of them do their jobs well, there are some who may be negligent. The patients are the ones who can suffer in these cases.

Common causes of never events and surgical errors

Every patient who has to have surgery hopes that the surgeon doesn't make any surgical errors during the procedure. Unfortunately, surgeons are humans, and they will make mistakes at some point. One thing that patients have to decide is whether they believe the issue is an error or mistake.

Delays in treatment for surgical issues can be problematic

Going into surgery is sometimes necessary. For patients who are fortunate enough to schedule the surgery ahead of time, learning as much as they can about the procedure and the recovery might be beneficial. This can give them the information they need to determine if there is something amiss as they are going through the healing period afterward.

Retained surgical items lead to horrible experiences for patients

Surgeons and their techs have to be careful when they are doing a procedure. Patients who are on the operating table have some very serious risks that they are facing. There are so many things that can go wrong in these cases. One very serious issue that is going to require a return trip to the operating room is a retained surgical item.

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