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Surgical Errors Archives

Surgical errors can have long-term consequences

Surgical errors run the gamut from surgeons operating on the incorrect body part to them leaving surgical tools behind in a patient. As you can expect, the results of surgical errors can devastate patients. These patients often have to live with life-long pain and other issues because of the incident.

Know your rights if you are injured during a surgical procedure

You likely wouldn't choose to go into surgery if you knew that you were going to come out of the procedure in worse shape than what you were in before the surgery. You certainly expect to feel sore and a bit off immediately after the surgery, but you don't expect that you will continue to get worse as time progresses.

What H.R. 1215 would really mean for malpractice victims

Even the simplest surgical procedures are often intimidating. However, the doctor likely reassured you that surgery was your best option -- or even, perhaps your only option -- and that your health and well-being would improve. When you trusted your health care professional and decided to undergo surgery, you expected to feel better as you recover from your procedure, and not worse.

Retained surgical items can lead to serious problems for patients

People who have surgery don't expect that their health will worsen after the surgery. For patients who have items left behind in the surgical area might have significant health issues. Typically, items left behind require the patient to undergo another surgery to remove the items. As you can imagine, these patients suffer. The suffering is financial, physical and mental.

The Dangers of Unnecessary Cardiac Stents

Cardiac disease is dangerous and life-threatening. Therefore, it's understandable that when a physician suggests surgical intervention to treat a heart problem, you and your loved ones take the recommendation under serious advisement.

Seek compensation for surgical errors that harmed you

We recently discussed how universal protocols can help to prevent surgical errors. These errors can range from minor inconveniences to life-threatening events. It is imperative that all surgeons have some sort of protocol in place to prevent errors. When they don't and patients suffer, the patients might choose to take legal action against the surgeon.

How following universal protocol helps prevent surgical errors

If you know someone scheduled for surgery, then you should find comfort in knowing that there is a Universal Protocol in place. It outlines a set procedure doctors should follow to reduce the risk of operating either on the wrong site or person or performing the wrong procedure.

Too Many Distractions Can Lead to Avoidable Medical Errors

Working with patients in a health care setting is among the most important jobs one can have, and it carries some of the biggest responsibilities. Whether the health care worker is a physician, a nurse, or even a pharmacist they are required to pay very close attention to detail. These details are important for seeing that patients are fully evaluated during the diagnostic stage, when medication is dispensed or administered, as well as when treatments are being pursued. Even when these professionals are working under the best conditions staying focused can be a challenge. However, it is not unusual for work conditions to be compromised, and in too many cases it is their patients that pay the price.