Going To Trial - It's What We Do Best
Going To Trial - It's What We Do Best
Going To Trial - It's What We Do Best
Going To Trial - It's What We Do Best
Going To Trial - It's What We Do Best

True Albuquerque Trial Lawyers

A Focus On Medical Malpractice

For the medical malpractice lawyers at the Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski law firm, medical malpractice is the focus of our practice. This is what we do every day, all year round. And we do it well.

As Albuquerque trial lawyers, we work hard to know all the facts of a case, effectively present the case to a jury, and maximize the results for clients who need and deserve answers and financial compensation.

A Medical Malpractice Case Can Take Years

We feel a responsibility to maximize results for our clients. To do that, we stay with the case for as long as it takes. We also spend what we need to take a lawsuit into a courtroom. A medical malpractice case can be expensive. Past successes have given us the financial ability to hire medical experts and review medical records. Our trial lawyers are selective about the cases we take, because we want each client to have the attention and hard work necessary for each case.

Free Initial Consultation, No Charge Unless We Win

Our clients have been through terrible tragedies. They cannot afford the many hours, weeks, months and even years of time an attorney will devote to their cases. That is why you will never be charged attorneys’ fees unless we recover financial compensation for you.

We Test Our Cases Before Mock Juries

As trial lawyers, we do not take a case to trial until we have tested our presentations before a mock jury. We may take a case to a mock jury several times to assure ourselves that we are able to explain what happened in language a jury of people like our clients can understand. The defense tries to make the case complex, hard to understand. We work to make the information easy to comprehend.

One Of Our Attorneys Is A Medical Doctor

Attorney Tammy Jasionowski is a medical doctor. She has the skills to immediately recognize the signs of medical malpractice. All of the lawyers at our firm have extensive experience with medical malpractice cases — and a desire to do what’s right for our clients. Contact Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski today to learn more about how we can help you. The consultation will be free.