Albuquerque doctor could lose license after performing abortion

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Late-term abortions are a controversial topic, with people on opposite sides of the issue rarely in agreement. However, holding negligent doctors accountable for poor patient care is something both sides may agree upon.

An Albuquerque doctor faces the loss of her license for performing a legal late-term abortion that resulted in dangerous complications. A pro-life individual filed a complaint of doctor negligence with the New Mexico Medical Board, which is currently considering action against the doctor.

The pro-life group says that the Southwestern Women’s Options Clinic did not meet the standard of care when an abortion procedure resulted in a ruptured uterus in May 2011. A group member has a tape of a 911 call made from the clinic. The tape reveals that the doctor was concerned about a uterine rupture and that the patient had a previous caesarean section.

The patient was taken to the hospital. It is not known if she survived. The pro-life advocate wants people responsible for abortion abuses in New Mexico held accountable.

According to a document from the medical board, excessive use of uterine stimulants caused the uterine rupture. The document also states that the abortion should have been performed at a hospital due to the patient’s medical history.

Medical errors often leave patients in worse shape than before the procedure, and victims of such incidents should seek information about compensation to assist their recoveries. An experienced medical malpractice can help guide an individual through the legal process of filing a medical malpractice claim.

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