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Were you a victim of surgical error?

Do you know that more than 250,000 people die every year because of one particular issue? It is the third leading cause for death in the United States at this time. Surgical errors cost people their lives in New Mexico hospitals and numerous other medical facilities throughout the nation. When such injuries occur, and patients later learn that someone could have prevented their suffering, they often become understandably angry and frustrated.  

If you have an upcoming surgery scheduled, you may want to take a look at surgical error data, so you know more about the risks involved. Knowing that no surgeon is perfect is one thing but having to worry that a preventable mistake might cause you a serious injury that may affect the rest of your life (or even put your life itself at risk) is quite another. If a surgeon makes an error and you are the one who suffers, you have every right to seek justice.  

Delays in treatment for surgical issues can be problematic

Going into surgery is sometimes necessary. For patients who are fortunate enough to schedule the surgery ahead of time, learning as much as they can about the procedure and the recovery might be beneficial. This can give them the information they need to determine if there is something amiss as they are going through the healing period afterward.

We understand that not all patients have the ability to learn about the procedure ahead of time. Some patients have to undergo an emergency surgery. In these cases, counting on the doctors and nurses over your case is necessary. They should give you as much information as possible about the procedure.

Retained surgical items lead to horrible experiences for patients

Surgeons and their techs have to be careful when they are doing a procedure. Patients who are on the operating table have some very serious risks that they are facing. There are so many things that can go wrong in these cases. One very serious issue that is going to require a return trip to the operating room is a retained surgical item.

During a surgery, many different things are used to get the procedure done. These include needles and suctions, various instruments, towels and sponges, bits of instruments, guidewires, drains, catheters and other objects. Surgeons and others in the operating room must ensure that all of these are accounted for before the surgeon sews the patient up.

Seemingly minor hospital errors can have big consequences

You don't go to a hospital thinking that you are going to get substandard care. When you choose a hospital, you are likely going to pick one that is close and that can care for what you have wrong. Unfortunately, there are times when hospitals drop the ball. In some of these cases, patients are harmed in the process.

We know that you just want to live your best life. You don't want to have to deal with the aftermath of hospital negligence. If you have been placed in a situation where you do have to figure out what to do about that atrocious situation, we can work with you to get a plan in motion.

Pulmonary embolisms can lead to sudden death

Surgery comes with many risks. One of these is a pulmonary embolism. Because this is a known risk, doctors and other medical professionals should be watchful for signs of this occurring. When they aren't monitoring appropriately, there is a chance that the condition can be fatal.

A pulmonary embolism is a very serious matter because it can stop your heart from pumping and prevents the exchange of oxygen. It occurs when a blood clot in another area of the body breaks off and travels to the lung. This condition is more common than what many people realize. It is the third most common disease of the cardiovascular system. Only heart attacks and strokes top this one.

Did you catch a superbug during your last hospital stay?

Like most other New Mexico residents, you not only ended up in the hospital due to a serious injury or illness but ended up getting even sicker. Hospitals are supposed to make you better. Right? So why did you, and so many other people, end up with infections that not only require you to need more medical attention but could also threaten your life?

Serious illnesses and severe injuries mean compromised immune systems. This leaves you and other patients more vulnerable to infections the medical field calls "nosocomial" infections. If medical professionals have a name for these infections, then why don't they take the necessary steps to prevent them? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 1.7 million people acquire these infections in hospitals each year. Almost 100,000 people end up losing their lives to them.

Medication errors might require legal action if harm occurs

You count on doctors to provide you with a prescription that can help you combat the illnesses or conditions that you have. While this is what will happen in most cases, there are also times when you might fall victim to a medication error. We understand that you can't ever prepare for this happening. Instead, it will likely come as an unwelcome shock.

A medication error can entail several different points. You might be given the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage. There is a chance that the delivery route for the drug might not be the right one for your case. In all of these instances, you might suffer from negative effects due to the issue.

Brain injuries in high school students often go unnoticed

The causes of brain injuries vary greatly. Blows to the head can happen in a variety of circumstances, including car crashes or sports. Other factors, such as lack of oxygen or violent shaking can lead to them. It is imperative to do whatever you can to avoid situations that might result in this injury.

High school athletes are suffering concussions at an alarming rate. Schools need to take steps to ensure that these kids don't suffer concussions or other head injuries due to playing their chosen sports. Some sports, such as football, are filled with hazards that might lead to injuries of all sorts.

Learning your baby was injured is difficult

No woman goes into labor assuming that her baby is going to be injured during the birth process. Unfortunately, this is just something that too many women have to deal with that they aren't prepared for. We know that your world probably seemed to stop when you got the news. As hard as it is, you still have to move forward, even if it is only a minute-by-minute task.

Once you find out exactly what is going on with your baby, you might decide that you need to do something. The issue that you might have here is that you don't want to go to jail for doing anything against the law. Instead of taking those types of drastic measures, you can seek compensation for the injury.

Birth injuries can take an emotional toll on the mother

Many people don't realize just how much having a difficult birth can impact the mother. This is a time that should be joyous; however, when you are having to deal with an injury to your newest family member, this isn't going to be so happy. These women often deal with emotional trauma that can seep into every aspect of their lives.

One thing that makes this situation very difficult is that the mother might blame herself for the injury to her baby. This self-blame can fester and make her feel like she is worthless and unfit to be a mother. These can be overwhelming even in the best of the circumstances.