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Trying to contact a government agency or locate a local courthouse? Our lawyers have included links to authoritative sites that may help you file a complaint or find a government agency responsible for handling your issue.

Court And Government Contacts

To locate New Mexico state, local and federal courts, click on this link:

To access the New Mexico government resource page, follow this link:

Medical Board Contacts

To speak to a state medical board investigator, call 505-476-7228 or 505-476-7240.

To file a complaint with the New Mexico Medical Board, visit this page:

To contact the New Mexico Nursing Board, call 505-841-8340.

To reach a representative on New Mexico’s Doctor of Osteopathy Board, call 505-476-4950.

To connect with the Health Facility and Licensing Bureau, call 505-476-9025

Information Regarding Birth Injury, Complications And Birth Data

Please click this link read our attorneys’ informative page on birth injuries.

Learn about birth complications by reading this page.

Find current birth data provided by the CDC by following this link:

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