Drug company sued over possible link to medical problems

On Behalf of | May 6, 2013 | Birth Injuries

Drug companies test and distribute their products to thousands of hospitals in New Mexico and across the county, but doctors must be particularly cautious when they prescribe or administer any type of drug to a pregnant woman. Medication errors can cause harm to the pregnant woman and serious birth injury to the newborn baby.

Several years ago, doctors routinely gave pregnant women a drug called Depakote to treat epilepsy. The children of those mothers reportedly experienced a host of medical problems, including heart problems and other  allegedly resulted from the treatment. SOmeced ilepsy. birth defects, that allegedly resulted from the treatment. Thirty-six of the children, now still under the age of 18, have recently filed a lawsuit against maker of the drug. The plaintiffs are likely seeking compensation to cover the cost of their medical expenses, loss of potential income, and other damages. 

It is unknown whether the drug company thoroughly tested the drug before it was distributed. Although a considerable number of people have reportedly been affected by the drug, it is not clear if a significant percentage of children whose mothers took the drug had similar problems. If the plaintiffs can prove that their medical problems are directly correlated to the drug, not their mother’s epilepsy or some other condition, the court will likely rule in their favor.

Fortunately, victims of birth injuries can hold health care professionals and drug makers responsible for their negligence. This lawsuit may encourage other victims to file similar lawsuits against the drug company. Victims of negligence may be entitled to compensation. Working with an attorney can be helpful in these circumstances. 

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