Mishandled cesarean section leaves boy with severe brain injury

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Before doctors in New Mexico were able to perform cesarean sections, infants and mothers were less likely to survive childbirth. However, there are several risks associated with cesarean sections, especially when doctors perform them in an emergency. For this reason, doctors that perform cesarean sections may be more likely to face lawsuits for injuries during the delivery process.

After more than 12 hours of labor, doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on a woman. Her son, who is now 7 years old, suffered a serious brain injury that allegedly resulted from the doctors’ mishandling of the child’s birth. The details of the boy’s mental incapacities are unclear, but he apparently requires constant care. 

According to the woman, the doctors waited too long to determine that she needed an emergency cesarean section. In the meantime, they administered large doses of pitocin, which is used to increase the speed of labor and delivery. The woman alleges that the doctors’ mistakes left her son severely handicapped. It is likely that the boy’s family faces significant financial costs as a result of the injury. If the boy’s mother is his primary caregiver, she is likely unable to hold a full-time job. Thankfully, the boy’s parents received a settlement of $5.25 million, which is likely meant to cover the boy’s medical costs and to compensate the family for their emotional distress.

Babies are some of the most vulnerable people on this earth, and we depend on qualified doctors to protect their well-being. When babies are left with a brain injury or other serious condition, parents are devastated. Doctors and hospitals must be held responsible for their errors. Victims of any type of birth injury may want to talk to an attorney about their case.


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