Various birth injuries could result from delivery mistakes

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While most babies born in New Mexico are healthy, it is impossible to have a 100 percent success rate when it comes to delivery. Birth complications can be devastating to a family — particularly if the injuries are caused by hospital or physician negligence. It is important for parents to know that they have options when it comes to seeking compensation as a result of harm that has been done to their child.

There are several different injuries that could result from physician malpractice. One of these is cerebral hypoxia, which results from too little oxygen received by a fetus. This can be caused by multiple factors, but it is often preventable if doctors and nurses are paying close attention to the fetal monitoring machine. This will indicate that the fetus is receiving sufficient levels of oxygen.

Cerebral hypoxia is not unique to newborns — people of all ages could be stricken if they have a sudden loss of oxygen, whether in surgery or due to other causes, such as a massive heart attack. The issue is particularly noteworthy in newborns, however, because the condition can cause a lifetime of problems: a loss of gross motor skills such as walking is not uncommon. Cognitive skills and complex thinking in general is often difficult for people who have suffered from cerebral hypoxia.

That’s why it’s important to hold negligent parties accountable if this situation occurs. A newborn who is afflicted may be looking at a lifetime of hands-on care — care which is expensive and could place a large financial burden on a family.

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