Failed diagnosis leaves man with serious back pain

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While the following story did not occur here in New Mexico, the circumstances of the story are important for anyone who suspects that they may have received poor care from a doctor, surgeon or hospital.

A couple is suing a hospital after the husband of the family suffered a back injury and was poorly diagnosed by his doctor. The man was on his roof in 2011 when he fell off and suffered numerous injuries. He fractured numerous ribs and his clavicle. Even after rehabilitation, he still suffered immense pain in his back.

As it turned out, the man’s doctor failed to diagnose fractures in his spine. It goes even further: the chief quality officer at the hospital wrote a report that indicated the man received substandard care. The man and his wife have filed a lawsuit for what they been through as a result of this substandard care.

There are two things to take away from this story. The first is the tremendous effect medical malpractice can have on a person’s life. The man in this story has had his life affected for three years because of his back pain. That suffering is all too common for patients who received substandard medical care, and that is why these medical malpractice suits are so important. They give the victims a chance to earn some justice for the suffering they have endured.

When it comes to suspected medical malpractice, key pieces of evidence — such as the report by the chief quality officer in this case — are necessary, and you will need proper legal representation in order to make these things happen.

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