What is a pulmonary embolus?

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New Mexico residents who suffer from a pulmonary embolus will require medical treatment immediately. A pulmonary embolus occurs when an artery in the lungs becomes blocked. Normally, a pulmonary embolus is caused by a blood clot in a vein that moves to the lungs. The blot clot normally begins in a deep vein located in a person’s thigh or hip area.

Persons who suffer from a pulmonary embolus may experience severe chest pain that becomes more intense with deep breathing. Some of the other symptoms experienced during a pulmonary embolus could be dizziness, bluish skin, fast breathing and an anxious feeling. A person suffering from a pulmonary embolus will need to receive medication to thin their blood or thrombolytic therapy to dissolve a severe clot.

The prognosis for people with a pulmonary embolus varies depending on what caused the problem, how large the blood was and how quickly the blood clot dissolves. A severe pulmonary embolus could result in death. Some people who survive a pulmonary embolus go on to have continued lung and heart issues. People with a high risk of blood clotting may be able to prevent a pulmonary embolus by taking blood thinners, wearing pressure stockings and moving around frequently during long plane trips.

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of a pulmonary embolus could have devastating consequences. If a family has lost one of their loved ones to this condition, an attorney may be able to help conduct an investigation to determine whether any medical malpractice took place as a result of the negligence of the doctor or other health care practitioner.

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