Representing New Mexico delayed sepsis diagnosis victims

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose

New Mexico residents may not be familiar with sepsis, a type of bacterial infection of the blood that spreads rapidly. Some people suffering from sepsis develop it outside of hospitals, but many contract it in hospitals after surgery. Because sepsis is an infection of the blood, it is distributed throughout the body quickly. People who are not diagnosed and treated in time may go into shock, experience organ failure and eventually die.

You may be a surgical patient who contracted an infection at the site of your incision that entered your bloodstream. An accident at work or at home may have caused you to suffer a serious laceration or other injury to your skin that would not heal, prompting you to see a doctor or visit an emergency room. You may have been admitted to a hospital with symptoms of a lung, bladder or other infection that worsened rapidly. An unrelated medical condition may have resulted in your hospitalization, and you may have contracted MRSA and then sepsis.

If the doctors at your hospital did not properly monitor you for symptoms of sepsis and administer the correct treatment right away, you may have suffered a heart attack, lasting damage to your brain, lungs, kidneys or other organs, loss of a limb or other drastic effects that had serious detrimental effects on your quality of life. In some cases, a patient might die as a result of their sepsis infection.

People who suffer from the consequences of sepsis may need treatment or care that disrupts their lives and their loved ones’ lives. If you would like more information on how the attorneys at our firm may be able to help you, please see our page on sepsis and delayed diagnosis.


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