Advocating for Arizona victims of prescription drug errors

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2015 | Medication Errors

Many Arizona residents fall victim to prescription errors each year. You may have visited a clinic or emergency room with the expectation that doctors, nurses and other staff will pay careful attention to your prescription needs only to suffer serious side effects after being given the wrong medication, the wrong dose or a drug that you were allergic to.

Medications have the potential to make our lives better. However, doctors and nurses in understaffed clinics or hospitals often feel rushed and might not give proper attention to their patient’s medical history, prescribed dose or possible interactions with other medications. You may have been a patient in a hospital where staff made a mistake in prescribing or administering the wrong medication or dosage to you. A pharmacist may have filled your prescription improperly, reading the wrong drug name on your prescription, failing to give you the right dose to control your condition or reading the wrong name on your prescription label.

The attorneys at our firm have represented many clients who have suffered from the effects of prescription errors originating in all types of medical practices, from hospitals to pharmacies. We understand the catastrophic emergencies that the wrong dosage or wrong medication can have on patients. Our staff, which includes medical professionals, are prepared to take immediate action to evaluate your medical records and other evidence in your case to provide you with the advocacy you need for a favorable outcome.

For decades, the attorneys at our firm have been advocating for victims of medical malpractice, including victims of life-threatening drug errors. We are committed to seeking the compensation our clients need because of their doctors’ mistakes. Our page on pharmaceutical errors has more information on the services we provide to medical malpractice victims.


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