Important questions to avoid prescription medication errors

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Medication Errors

People in New Mexico who are prescribed medication need to bear in mind that serious consequences can occur if there is a mistake made by the doctor or pharmacist. To avoid this, there are important questions that patients need to have answered prior to taking their medicines as directed.

One question should be whether or not there is a danger for drug interactions. If other drugs are being taken, it is imperative to make sure that combining them will not result in negative side effects. Some, like a sour stomach or headache, are not significant. Others, like liver damage, could be extremely harmful. Many health problems stem from a dosage mistake. If a doctor provides a prescription and the pharmacist fills it, there is the chance that an error in the amount a patient should take is made.

Generic medications might be available and could represent a substantial savings from the name brand. Since the Food and Drug Administration requires that generic medications be as safe and effective as the name brand, this can be a way to save money. Insurance companies might have a limit on the drugs they cover. A doctor might not be aware of which drugs are covered and which are not leading to out-of-pocket costs. The doctor might be able to provide a cheaper alternative. Finally, some medications have long-term side effects if they are continually taken. Doctors should be asked for a plan of treatment including how long the medication should be taken before stopping.

Since prescription drugs are simultaneously important to health and dangerous if the wrong medication is provided, discussing the circumstances is key. If there has been a mistake made that causes harm, the injured victim may want to discuss the matter with a medical malpractice attorney.


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