Heart attack risks for young women

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2015 | Failure To Diagnose

A heart attack might seem like an unusual medical situation for a young woman, but statistics indicate that it is important for those with risk factors for heart attacks to be informed by their healthcare providers. Because heart disease is the top cause of death for females throughout the nation, New Mexico medical professionals may want to be proactive in addressing risks, even with their younger patients. Female patients, meanwhile, may want to take the initiative to ask questions about heart-related concerns, especially if their doctors don’t bring these matters up during appointments.

One of the main reasons that women tend to be unaware of heart problems is that heart disease is typically viewed as an issue affecting men. As a result, concerning symptoms might not be reported to a doctor, which could result in a worsened condition. Additionally, the symptoms of heart attack for women can be significantly different from those commonly experienced by men. For example, a woman might experience pain in the jaw or back rather than in the chest.

Women tend to pay more attention to health issues like cancer, not realizing that heart disease is such a significant risk. However, early detection may help in the prevention of adverse events such as stroke or heart attack. Obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, poor exercise habits, diabetes and high cholesterol levels are among the issues that point to higher risks of heart disease. Women who have had heart attacks often have multiple risk factors.

A medical malpractice case after an unexpected heart attack could depend on the involvement of a physician or medical facility in the patient’s care. If a health care professional or facility ignores unusual heart attack signs in a woman, for example, a missed diagnosis might be addressed through a malpractice lawsuit filed with the assistance of an attorney, particularly if the patient has experienced permanent damage as a result.


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