New proposal could help New Mexico patients

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Doctor Errors

A proposal that has received the support of the former president of the Hospital Corporation of America would change the medical malpractice system in Georgia. The proposal, which is also under consideration in other states as well, would create a no-fault system that would see a case presented to a panel of experts and an administrative law judge. According to its proponents, it would result in quicker resolution of medical malpractice cases and would thus allow injured patients to receive compensation in a timelier fashion.

Under a no-fault system, a patient would be able to work with his or her doctor instead of against his or her doctor. This may make it easier for a doctors to admit their mistakes and fix them instead of worrying about having to go through protracted and expensive litigation. Allowing doctors to open up as opposed to keeping a patient in the dark could enable better patient care as well.

Currently, Denmark uses a national system that provides money to those who have been the victim of medical malpractice. Additionally, the Danish system enables hospitals to share data with each other to reduce the odds of future patient injuries. In addition to the proposal in Georgia, similar malpractice reform is being debated in Tennessee, Maine and Montana.

Failure to communicate with patients and failure to communicate with hospital staff are examples of physician errors. Such negligence can lead to the condition of an affected patient worsening and can produce catastrophic results. People who have been in this position may want to discuss their legal remedies with a medical malpractice attorney.


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