Mother receives $50 million award in childbirth malpractice case

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2016 | Birth Injuries

A New Mexico expectant mother might be familiar with the potential need for an episiotomy during the delivery process. However, this procedure is not always necessary, and an unneeded one could have long-term health consequences in some cases. A Bronx woman’s case is an example of the possible implications when an episiotomy does not heal properly.

The woman was unaware of the damage that occurred when she gave birth to her first child in 2009. The lacerations that she suffered resulted in unusual discharges in the following years, but this did not result in an awareness of the damage to her body until after her second child was born. The second birth compounded the problems, and numerous surgeries and medical consultations were unable to correct the problems.

The mother has reached a point at which she must be close to a restroom, and she rarely leaves home. She has had to cease working outside the home because of her physical limitations. The damage has also interfered with her ability to have sexual relations with her husband. She has been awarded $50 million in her medical malpractice lawsuit.

While a procedure such as an episiotomy is often used to prevent damage that could occur with uncontrolled tearing during childbirth, it is still surgery that carries a level of risk. An individual may not be aware of the potential dangers of certain medical procedures when they are performed. However, medical records might suggest that dangers have been discussed prior to a patient agreeing to a procedure, medication, or other form of treatment. It may be important to review one’s records to note any indications of dangers that have not been clearly explained.

Parents dealing with the aftermath of delivery room errors might wonder whether a birth injury was inevitable. A review of the situation by a medical malpractice lawyer could be helpful in deciding whether litigation might be appropriate.


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