Medicare pushing for improved hospital patient safety

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Sometimes, a person experiences a worsening of their health during or after a hospital stay. In some instances, this occurs as a result of things outside of a hospital’s control. In others though, it comes about from a mistake by the hospital and its staff. Such errors could include mistakes made in tests, treatments or care given to a patient or failure by the hospital to give proper follow-up care after discharge.

When a person suspects that harm they suffered came about from a preventable hospital error, it is important for them to get the right information on their legal options and how specifically the hospital and its staff acted in relation to their care. Such an individual may find having the representation of a skilled medical malpractice lawyer to be very helpful in efforts to get and analyze the available information and evidence.

Given how deeply patients can be affected by errors at hospital, reducing such preventable problems is an incredibly important goal. Recently, the federal government has taken efforts aimed at this goal.

Medicare is directing $347 million to various health organizations. The aim of these monetary awards is to help with achieving various new patient safety goals the program has set. One of these goals is to, by 2019, bring the preventable medical problem rate at hospitals in the U.S. down to 97 for every 1,000 discharged patients. The current rate is around 121 for every 1,000 discharged patients.

Do you think these efforts will lead to a reduction in preventable hospital mistakes in the U.S.? What do you think are the biggest keys in keeping hospitals safe for patients?

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