Know your rights if you are injured during a surgical procedure

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Surgical Errors

You likely wouldn’t choose to go into surgery if you knew that you were going to come out of the procedure in worse shape than what you were in before the surgery. You certainly expect to feel sore and a bit off immediately after the surgery, but you don’t expect that you will continue to get worse as time progresses.

When you are the victim of a surgical error, that is exactly what might happen. We recently discussed some complications that can occur after a surgery. Let’s look at one in particular — infection. If you suffer an infection after surgery, you are at a great risk.

During the surgery, you were cut open. Each layer of tissue is one that can be impacted by the infection. Sure, any infection could do this, but when you have surgery, the infection has an open path to impact your internal organs.

Now, think about this — an infection isn’t always the result of things on the outside of your body. What if your infection is because the surgeon left behind a surgical sponge or piece of equipment? This means that your body is having to fight an infection in the perfect environment for an infection to blossom because your internal organs are warm, moist and dark.

We know that this isn’t something that is pleasant to think about, but if you are going through the situation, you should know that you do have options. You can seek compensation for the surgical error. No, this won’t make the infection or effects go away, but it can help you afford the treatments that might help.


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