Delayed stroke treatment can lead to death or disability

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A stroke is a very dangerous event. It must be handled as an emergency or there is a chance that it can lead to permanent disability or death. Time is a huge factor in what type of lasting impacts the stroke will have on a person.

A person who is having a stroke is suffering from a lack of blood flow to the brain. Without blood, the brain cells begin to die. This can lead to disabilities and it can be fatal in some case.

Studies have shown that people who receive treatment within three hours have at least a 30 percent chance of a better recovery than a person who has treatment after that point. Ideally, a person who is having a stroke will need to have emergency medical care within an hour.

Treatment for a stroke usually involves the patient taking medications that dissolve blood clots. There are some cases that might require surgery.

A person who is having a stroke is likely to have slurred speech, a droop on one side of the face and arm numbness. They might also have trouble walking, feel fatigued and have trouble seeing.

When a person having a stroke seeks medical care, he or she shouldn’t have to wait around on medical care. The severity of a delayed diagnosis is one that is common knowledge in the medical community. If treatment is delayed and the patient suffers harm, that patient might choose to seek compensation to help cover the costs of medical care and other impacts directly related to the harm from the lack of proper diagnosis and treatment.

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