Did your child’s birth go wrong due to medical negligence?

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For most New Mexico parents and others throughout the nation, having a baby is typically one of the most exciting, joyful experiences in life, that is, as long as nothing goes wrong during pre-natal, labor, delivery or post-natal care processes. You may be the type of person who likes to research potential risks ahead of time when you are planning to give birth or participate in some other activity that can be dangerous.

You may also be one of many who later wishes they hadn’t read so much because some stories and data available are rather frightening. As an expectant mother, you should be able to reasonably expect that each of your care providers will meet or exceed established standards of care. Sadly, careless mistakes and negligent doctors and nurses often cause newborns, and/or their mothers, severe injuries.

Birthing errors and negligence most frequently reported

It’s completely logical that you would assume your obstetrician and other medical staff members are properly educated and trained in their individual fields of expertise in order to keep you and your baby as safe as possible during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and follow-up care. Take note of the following mistakes and substandard forms of care that often result in birth injuries:

  • Forceps errors: If your baby is taking longer than usual to navigate the birth canal, or is in a breech position, your doctor may decide to assist the birth by using forceps. This medical tool is known to be associated with birth injuries; yet, many doctors continue to employ its use if they believe not doing so will place infants in further distress. An inexperienced doctor or a careless one places your child at great risk for injury.
  • Bone fractures: If your infant experiences acute swelling, fails to move a particular body part or cries ceaselessly for no apparent reason, it is imperative that those providing care to your child immediately check for infant bone fractures. This is another frequently reported injury often caused by medical inexperience or negligence.
  • Birth distress: Infants are fragile and helpless to say the least, especially during the birthing process. If your doctor or medical assistants fail to recognize signs of fetal distress, they may not have time or appropriate means for reacting soon enough to prevent injury or fetal demise. Hypoxia, which is lack of sufficient oxygen to the brain, is a major injury risk for infants in such circumstances. This type of injury can cause permanent disability.
  • Failure to perform emergency surgery: There are certain issues that necessitate emergency C-sections during the birthing process. If you are need of this surgery and your doctor fails to perform it in a timely and safe manner, both your life and your child’s life may be at risk.

Medication mistakes, post-surgical infection and postpartum negligence are other frequent causes of infant mortality and injury. No parent wants to witness his or her child’s suffering; however, it is also understandable that if your infant suffered injuries due to medical malpractice, you would have a strong desire to seek justice.

Who can help?

Many New Mexico parents have trod similar paths before you. Some have taken their concerns to the court by asking experienced medical malpractice attorneys to file claims on their behalves to seek legal accountability against those who caused their infants to suffer.


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