Impacts of surgical errors are considerable for the patient

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2018 | Surgical Errors

Surgeons are only human but this doesn’t mean that errors they make are always innocent. There are many times when an error in the operating room can leave a patient in pain or fighting for his or her life. It is imperative that surgeons always make sure that they are doing things by the book. This includes double checking certain things during the surgery.

One of tragic things that can happen in a surgery is that surgical tools are left in the patient. This will almost certainly lead to health problems since a foreign body is in the person. Retained objects can lead to infection and other health challenges. In these cases, the person will have to undergo another surgical procedure to remove the retained items. This can mean another stay in the hospital, more pain and more missed work.

We know that you probably had trust in the surgeon who worked on you. This is another way that a surgical error can harm. It might take away all the trust that you have in medical professionals. You might find that the mere thought of having to go to the doctor is anxiety-inducing.

While it won’t take away the effects of the error, you do have the right to seek compensation if you’ve been harmed by your surgeon. The purpose of this is to recover the financial impact the issue had on your life while holding the surgeon accountable for the problem. It can also serve as a warning to avoid allowing the same thing to happen in the future. We can help you exercise your right to file a claim.


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