Birth injuries can take an emotional toll on the mother

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Birth Injuries

Many people don’t realize just how much having a difficult birth can impact the mother. This is a time that should be joyous; however, when you are having to deal with an injury to your newest family member, this isn’t going to be so happy. These women often deal with emotional trauma that can seep into every aspect of their lives.

One thing that makes this situation very difficult is that the mother might blame herself for the injury to her baby. This self-blame can fester and make her feel like she is worthless and unfit to be a mother. These can be overwhelming even in the best of the circumstances.

When the self-blame occurs in a mother who has a medically complex baby, it can be even more devastating because she might feel unable to handle the child’s care. Unfortunately, this is often a cycle that is hard to break.

Seeking out professional help in these cases might seem like more a pipe dream than a reality since the mother is so focused on the child. Finding the time to get to appointments is often a challenge since someone will have to watch the baby and her spouse might be working.

In the early days, the emotional effects might make it difficult to impossible for the woman to breastfeed the baby. While she can rely on bottles and formula, she might feel like a failure if she can’t breastfeed, which can exacerbate the complex emotional turmoil she is facing.

Seeking compensation in these cases might be a step in the right direction. It lets the mother take action to avenge the issue. Any monetary compensation that is received could enable her to get the help she needs, even if she has to hire a sitter to care for the child during her appointments.


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