All prescriptions must be carefully considered

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Medication Errors

Prescription medications are an important tool for addressing many health ailments. When you are given a prescription, you likely trust that the doctor knows what they are doing. This trust in your doctor might be misplaced. While many doctors do take the necessary steps to double check the prescriptions they write, others will make errors.

Medication errors can harm innocent patients. They can exacerbate medical conditions that should be easily treated. They might allow a condition to worsen. They may create new medical issues due to interactions with other medicines and medical conditions. All of these can have dire impacts on the patient.

We know that you never expected that you would be the victim of a medication error. When you are seriously injured by a doctor who didn’t write the proper prescription, you might choose to take legal action.

There are many types of medication errors that might occur. The medication might not be correct, the dosage frequency may not be proper or the dosage amount could be incorrect. In all of these cases, you won’t get the benefit that you need from the drugs.

Sometimes, the doctor does write the correct information on the prescription, but the pharmacist might not dispense it properly. This brings up a new issue but one that must be addressed. There is also a chance that a nurse may give you the incorrect medication if you are in a hospital or care facility.

When you are the victim of medication error, you need to find out who is responsible. You will use this information in your claim for compensation. We can help you determine this and come up with a plan for how to proceed.


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