Post-surgical complications demand immediate attention

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2018 | Surgical Errors

After you have surgery, there are many complications that you have to watch for. When you are in a surgery center or hospital after a surgical procedure, the nurses and doctors caring for you are the ones who should watch for signs that something is amiss. While most of them do their jobs well, there are some who may be negligent. The patients are the ones who can suffer in these cases.

There are many signs that medical professionals need to look for in the hours and days after a procedure. One of the most common is an infection. The surgical site should be watched for signs that point to an infection, which include redness at the site of the incision and pain that doesn’t lessen over time. The area might feel hot and might have abnormal drainage. Antibiotics are used to combat infection.

Within the first 48 hours after surgery, patients should be encouraged to do deep breathing. There is a chance that lung complications might appear. These can include inhalation of food, water or blood into the lungs. Pneumonia is possible. Pulmonary embolisms, which are signaled by chest pain, trouble breathing, fainting, rapid heartbeat, sweating and coughing, are also possible.

A severe drop in blood pressure might lead to shock, which requires immediate treatment. Rapid blood loss is also possible, which is also a medical emergency.

Patients who are suffering from post-surgical complications and don’t receive proper care might suffer from serious damage. This can be life-threatening and can impact their entire future, including their finances. They should find out about their legal options for seeking compensation.


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