Proper monitoring can prevent some birth injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Birth Injuries

There is a delicate balance that has to happen when a pregnant woman goes into labor. When she goes into the hospital, the nursing staff and other medical professionals caring for her need to focus on her and the baby. Part of this is done by properly monitoring both patients. When this happens, some issues might be prevented.

Many women choose to have a birth plan in place when they go into the hospital. The medical care team will try to follow that plan, but they can’t let it force them into making unsafe decisions about the care. Instead, the birth plan should be fluid and easy to change as situations come up that require it.

Through proper fetal monitoring, issues that can result in lowered blood and oxygen flow to the baby might be recognized. This gives the team a chance to rectify the situation so that the fetus doesn’t suffer harm. The woman might need supplemental oxygen or she might have to try a new laboring position. She may need to have a surgical delivery if those steps don’t correct the problem.

When an emergency occurs, the medical team needs to be prepared to take immediate action. One time when this happens is after delivery or during the labor process if the woman starts profusely bleeding. She might need to have surgery for a complication such as a detached placenta or a uterine rupture. In these cases, not acting quickly can mean she suffers great harm or might even pass away.

Seeking compensation can help cover the financial aspects of a birth injury. We know that you might not feel up to launching a legal battle, but we are here to work on your behalf to get it done.


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