Grave damage can occur in a failure to diagnose case

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Failure To Diagnose

Patients who go to the emergency room with signs that something is seriously wrong should be able to get the care that addresses the problem. This includes people who have a heart attack or stroke. Failing to diagnose these conditions properly can lead to the patient suffering from major health impacts, and it might even lead to death. We know that no patient should have to deal with a doctor not diagnosing their condition properly. When this does occur, the patient might choose to seek compensation.

There are many things that happen when you aren’t diagnosed properly or have a delayed diagnosis. One of these is that you will need medical care to try to address the underlying problem and the issues that came from not beginning that treatment sooner.

This could mean that you have to deal with more invasive things like surgery or even treatments that are harsher than what they would have been otherwise. All of this can result in you suffering and being out of more money than what would have been necessary if the diagnosis had been handled correctly when you first went into the emergency room.

When you choose to seek compensation for the failure to diagnose, you have to determine how you are going to show that your issues stem from the doctor’s error. This isn’t always easy, but looking into the facts of the case might provide the information you need to make this happen. In some cases, having a medical expert review your case can be the key to finding the way to present your case. We can work with you to get it all together.


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