Lax cleaning methods in hospitals can harm patients

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2019 | Hospital Negligence

Patients in a hospital are dependent upon the hospital staff members to do many things for them. One of these is cleaning the room. Unfortunately, when housekeeping staff members don’t do their jobs appropriately, the patient can suffer some serious health dangers.

There are several ways that people who clean these hospital rooms can help to improve patient safety. Cross-contamination of the room is one of the biggest risks that is present in these situations. Additionally, cleaning the room only once per day might not be sufficient because there are so many people who come into the room daily.

Nothing that is used to clean one room should be used in the next. This includes washable things like towels but must also include changing out mop water. The person’s gloves should be changed between areas in the room, not only when they first come into the room. They should start cleaning the room in the cleanest area of the room and work their way toward the dirtiest space.

People who are cleaning the rooms can’t think that there are any areas of the room that are too clean to clean. Even the hand sanitizer pumps should be wiped clean because of the risks of those being contaminated by people who are using the device.

Patients who suffer from issues due to the lax cleaning methods used in the hospital might have long-term problems due to this. Those individuals might choose to seek compensation for the damages they have to deal with because of the hospital negligence that comes with allowing improper cleaning methods.


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