Causes of cerebral palsy are sometimes preventable

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Birth Injuries

Finding out that your baby has a chronic health condition isn’t easy for any parent. One diagnosis that is especially troubling for some is cerebral palsy, which is the result of abnormal brain development in the areas that control the muscles. This damage will usually occur within a month of birth, which includes during and before birth. It is possible that it will occur during the first year or later in some cases.

Nearly all cases of cerebral palsy are congenital. There are many different causes of this type, some of which are preventable and others that aren’t. Women who are expecting a baby should be aware of these so that they can try to minimize the factors that can be controlled.

Infections are one of the factors that can be controlled in many cases. There are some that can impact the baby. These include ones like chickenpox and rubella. It also includes some pelvic and placenta infections caused by bacteria. Treating this quickly can benefit the mother and the baby since both can suffer long-term impacts from these infections.

Low birth weight, having multiples and having a preemie are also risk factors for cerebral palsy. These aren’t usually factors that you can control, but proper prenatal care might minimize the chance of these happening. Get in to see your doctor as early in your pregnancy as you can and ask plenty of questions.

There are some incidents when negligence by medical professionals contributes to the root cause. These cases are problematic because they are preventable. You might choose to seek compensation for the damages, which can be considerable.


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