Was my premature baby caused by medical malpractice?

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The full term for pregnancy is 39 to 40 weeks. Birthing technology has significantly improved, but unfortunately, premature cases still happen. According to March of the Dimes, babies born prematurely account for one in ten of every birth.

If you delivered your child prematurely, medical negligence might have been a factor. Read this article to learn more about the causes of premature delivery and the signs of medical malpractice.

What causes premature birth?

Mothers may have a greater risk of delivering their children prematurely if they have a history of premature delivery. Other factors include kidney disease, untreated infections in their urinary tract, sexually transmitted infections or multiple infants in their womb. Another factor that contributes to premature birth rates is the mother’s weight. Being under or overweight might cause the baby to come sooner than expected.

Signs of medical malpractice

Doctors are not infallible, and they might not notice the signs of preterm birth. If there were obvious signs and the doctor did nothing, they could face liability for medical malpractice. If you prove a reasonable or competent doctor would act differently, you have a case. Besides failing to notice the signs of premature birth, the doctor might forget to give you proper medication to slow down the birthing process. Steroids can help a newborn’s lung and brain development, and a doctor might fail to utilize them. Also, if you showed signs of premature birth and not ordered to bed rest, you may be a victim of medical malpractice.

The process of determining malpractice when it comes to premature births is not a clear-cut path. A doctor makes many decisions based on their discretion, and they may have a valid reason for failing to prescribe a particular treatment. If you recently had a premature birth and suspect malpractice, consult with a lawyer about possible legal action.


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