What can you legally do after a birth injury?

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When you deal with a birth injury, it can feel devastating. After all, in the midst of what should feel completely celebratory, you instead have to deal with the reality that your child might suffer permanent damage or even face death.

On top of that, most birth injuries – over 50 percent – stem from avoidable causes, too. It is more important than ever to understand the cause and effect of birth injuries.

What is cerebral palsy?

Drug Watch takes a look at some class-action lawsuits for birth injury issues like cerebral palsy. This is one of the most major conditions linked to birth injuries. This issue stems from a brain injury that causes motor function problems, with cases spanning from mild to severe. The most extreme cases of cerebral palsy can involve spastic quadriplegia, in which paralysis affects the body, face and all four limbs.

What can cause cerebral palsy?

Numerous injuries during birth can potentially lead to cerebral palsy. This includes the improper or rushed use of a vacuum or forceps when assisting in delivery, or a failure on the part of the medical staff to notice fetal distress. It can also include lack of oxygen delivered to the baby during delivery or labor that takes a long time. Finally, improperly treated – or completely overlooked – infections of the mother could also cause brain damage.

Cerebral palsy can, unfortunately, cause lifelong problems and may affect your child’s development and ability to live a normal, independent life. Because of that, many victims whose children suffer from cerebral palsy due to doctor errors seek legal options for compensation.


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