How can forceps lead to birth injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Birth Injuries

The delivery of a baby is often a hectic time, and you may not realize the extent of damage from this procedure until after it happens.

Medical professionals improperly using forceps, which are metal tongs that can help ease a baby’s head out of a birth canal, can contribute to these injuries.

Rushed delivery

According to the Mayo Clinic, most professionals use forceps when the mother is struggling to make progress during labor or when the baby’s heart rate is falling. These situations mean that most doctors are under pressure, and that may lead to them making a serious error.

Not being gentle enough or roughly clamping down forceps can lead to serious injuries, especially for the baby. You may notice eye trauma and even skull fractures after the birth.

Stretched too far

Vaginal delivery can lead to several types of injuries, such as pain in the tissue between your uterus and anus, as well as bladder complications. Improperly used forceps can increase the risk that your medical professional will stretch and tear the sensitive areas around the birth canal during delivery.

This stretching can weaken your pelvic muscles, which hold your pelvic organs up. You may struggle to full urinate or empty your bladder if the forceps damage your urethra.

Abrupt movements

The medical professional needs to use this tool in a precise way, since moving it around too much can tear your uterine wall open. This means your baby or the remainder of your placenta could travel into your abdominal cavity and cause more health complications.

Knowing how these birth injuries can happen with forceps can help you decide what steps to take next if you have lasting physical issues after your delivery.


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