How can a doctor’s negligence when using forceps harm you?

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When you first enter the hospital and begin to go into labor, you may feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you.

If your doctor chooses to use forceps during the delivery, they may fail to use them in a safe and proper way. This kind of misuse can leave you and your baby with intense pain and lasting injuries.

Rough motions

According to the Mayo Clinic, some doctors may use metal clamps called forceps to help the baby move along the birth canal if the labor is not going as planned. However, tugging or pulling without waiting for the mother to push or in an uncomfortable way can lead to tears.

An impatient doctor can cause serious damage to your genitals and urinary tract when using this tool. A doctor must be deliberate in how they use forceps or else you may suffer from large tears and injuries.


In some situations, you may not need forceps to help a pregnant woman give birth. If your doctor overuses or misuses this piece of equipment, you could struggle after labor with bladder problems. Struggling to fully empty your bladder and noticing an increase in pain around that area of your body can signal that a birth injury happened.

Stretching of muscles

When your pelvic muscles stretch too far for a certain amount of time, they can weaken greatly. This procedure can leave you struggling with prolapse, which happens when your pelvic organs move from their usual place.

Learning about the signs of negligence surrounding birth injuries is important for any woman experiencing pain or complications after a delivery.


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