Premature infants and risk of birth injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Birth Injuries

While the delivery of a baby should be a happy time, going into premature labor can be scary since parents are aware that premature babies are at a greater risk of health issues. Doctors and nurses are professionals and prepared to handle premature infants; however, sometimes things happen where a complication gets overlooked.

Birth injuries occur during birth and may affect the mother or baby. Here are some things that New Mexico parents should know about premature infants and their risk of birth injuries.

Underdeveloped lungs are a contributing factor

Infants born before 36 weeks may not have fully developed lungs, which means that medical professionals need to pay extra close attention to whether or not the baby receives enough oxygen. The lack of lung development in preemies contributes to many birth injuries in infants.

There is a higher likelihood of infections

Much like the lungs, preterm babies may come into the world with skin that is not quite fully developed. Because of this, these babies have a higher risk of infections that fully developed skin would protect against.

Inherent risk factors

Preterm infants also come with an inherent risk factor for birth injuries, since the reason why many women deliver early is that there was a complication with the pregnancy. Therefore, these infants are more likely to arrive already susceptible to health problems and injuries that occur during their birth.

Learning about premature babies and their risk of birth injuries helps prepare parents for the event of preterm labor.


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