Lawsuit seeks to change the regulation of soccer safety

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Parents of active teens in New Mexico may be interested in learning about a recent lawsuit filed against U.S. Youth Soccer and the American Youth Soccer Organization, associations that are responsible for over three million children and teenage players across the country. The action against these two organizations is part of a larger class action concussion lawsuit that was filed by former and current soccer players against multiple organizations, including FIFA.

The lawsuit alleges that the soccer associations failed to maintain adequate guidelines regarding the detection and treatment of concussions. The plaintiffs allege that FIFA ought to have taken into consideration the suggestions of the medical community, which called for a change in policy over a decade ago. The attorney for the plaintiffs said that these soccer players seek to put an end to the hazardous practices and unnecessary risks that are allowed by these organizations.

The lawsuit does not ask for any monetary damages for the players, but it does ask that the rules of game play be changed. For instance, the plaintiffs are asking for restrictions on the ability of minor children to hit soccer balls with their heads. The plaintiffs would also like to see an allowance for additional substitutions when a player needs to be evaluated for a concussion. The plaintiffs say that there should be medical monitoring in place to determine whether a player has sustained a concussion, since the current system of expecting a referee or the players themselves to make the diagnosis is unacceptable.

Medical professionals are held to high standards, especially when it comes to detecting and treating brain injuries. Failure to properly identify and treat concussions may result in brain damage and lead to even larger medical expenses. Anyone who believes that he or she has been the victim of medical malpractice may want to speak with an attorney to determine whether a valid claim exists.

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