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Medical Negligence Can Cause Severe Brain Damage

When doctors make the wrong choices or fail to take any action at all, patients in their care can sustain permanent brain damage. Brain damage can happen at birth or any time during a person’s life.

You are welcome to call the Albuquerque brain damage attorneys at The Law Offices of Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski if a loved one has brain damage caused by negligent medical care.

Hypoxia, Hospital Falls And Heart Attacks Can All Cause Brain Damage

A hospital may not take proper care in transferring patients, in providing restraints or in removing hazards that could cause a fall. When a fall causes a blow to the head, the patient could suffer a subdural hematoma that swells and causes serious brain damage or wrongful death.

Fetal monitors provide warnings of fetal distress. If a nurse or doctor fails to notice, report or act on those warnings, the fetus could suffer a lack of oxygen ( hypoxia) and permanent brain damage.

Medical mistakes and hospital errors that can cause a brain injury include:

Medical doctors, hospitals, nurses and other medical professionals and institutions are supposed to use accepted standards of care. When they fail in that responsibility, a patient can suffer a catastrophic injury. Brain damage completely changes a life. Physical and mental capabilities can be compromised to such an extent that the damaged patient will need extensive therapy and a lifetime of care.

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