What is Hypoxia?

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Residents of New Mexico may be interested in learning about hypoxia and its effects on the human body. Hypoxia occurs when tissue in the body does not get enough oxygen. This can then have an adverse effect on many different parts of the body. When an individual is suffering from hypoxia, he or she may notice a bluish color to their limbs, as the body is trying to direct more blood to the vital organs.

The two types of hypoxia are general hypoxia and localized hypoxia. General hypoxia occurs when a lack of oxygen targets the body in its entirety, whereas local hypoxia occurs when only area is affected by the lack of oxygen. When there is a total deprivation of oxygen in the body, it is referred to as anoxia.

Carbon monoxide poisoning, for instance, is an event that may deprive the body of oxygen and cause hypoxia symptoms to manifest. A person may also suffer from hypoxia symptoms after a heart attack or cardiac arrest, which may slow the circulation of blood around the body. Those who deep-sea dive without properly maintained gear or visit locations at a high altitude may also suffer from hypoxia, even if they are otherwise completely healthy. The latter is due to generally thinner air and less oxygen at higher altitudes.

It may be possible for a medical error to lead to hypoxia in an individual. Anyone who believes that they suffered an injury or damage due to a doctor or hospital’s error may wish to contact a medical malpractice attorney. Because this information should not be confused for specific legal advice, an attorney may be able to better advise an individual on their unique situation.

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