Duo aims to improve brain injury awareness in New Mexico

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Brain Injuries

An educator at the New Mexico Brain Injury Resource Center and a brain injury survivor have teamed up to announce an art project aimed at increasing brain injury awareness. The Unmasking Brain Injury Project is also meant to provide a voice to those who may feel different because of their injuries.

Through the masks, individuals can tell their stories and show others that they are just like everyone else. The masks were put on display during Disabilities Rights Awareness Day on Jan. 26 at the Roadhouse in Santa Fe. A website was created for the project that can help individuals learn more about its goals.

Those who have been injured through the negligence of a third-party may take legal action to obtain compensation. It may be possible to win compensation that will pay for medical bills and any long-term costs related to the injury. Examples of such costs include a modified vehicle, a speech therapist for an injured child or the cost of other necessary modifications. Compensation may also be available to pay for lost wages or lost future earnings.

If a child suffers from brain damage, the child’s parents may win an award to compensate the child for lost future earnings. That money may be held by the parents or in a trust for the benefit of the child. An attorney may be able to review the case and determine whether or not to seek a formal trial or negotiate a settlement through outside talks. If an individual faces criminal charges related to causing a brain injury, the results of that trial will have no bearing on the outcome of a civil trial.


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