Brain injuries in high school students often go unnoticed

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2018 | Brain Injuries

The causes of brain injuries vary greatly. Blows to the head can happen in a variety of circumstances, including car crashes or sports. Other factors, such as lack of oxygen or violent shaking can lead to them. It is imperative to do whatever you can to avoid situations that might result in this injury.

High school athletes are suffering concussions at an alarming rate. Schools need to take steps to ensure that these kids don’t suffer concussions or other head injuries due to playing their chosen sports. Some sports, such as football, are filled with hazards that might lead to injuries of all sorts.

Short of taking sports away from the students, there isn’t much that could completely prevent these injuries from occurring. However, coaches and trainers have to watch for and learn to recognize signs that something is amiss. Unfortunately, some brain injuries like concussions don’t have symptoms that are immediately evident.

It might benefit those who work with student-athletes to know some of the early warning signs to watch for. Confusion, dizziness and headaches are all signs of potential brain injury. The schools should set clear guidelines for what will happen after an athlete is struck in the head or suffers an injury that could impact the brain. This might include keeping the young person off the field or out of the event until a proper medical evaluation can be made.

In some cases, parents might be able to hold people accountable for a brain injury that their child suffered. Improper medical care and blatant disregard for the child’s health are two possible reasons why legal action may be warranted.


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