Emotional trauma after a brain injury is possible

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Brain Injuries

Suffering a brain injury can greatly change your life. One of the ways that this might happen is that your emotions might be impacted. This can be difficult to live with because you might feel that you aren’t in control of what you are doing. It can also make it hard for your loved ones to remain around you because you might become angry with them for no reason at all.

For some individuals who suffered a brain injury, having mood swings is normal. This makes them largely unpredictable. It might also mean that they can’t hold down a job because of their fragile emotional state.

These mood swings make it hard for them to associate with other people. Sometimes, they will push people away and then get upset when they don’t have anyone around them. When their abilities to remember and understand are impacted, they might not realize what they’re doing. This makes the entire situation almost impossible to handle.

There is a chance that the mood swings are being exacerbated by other factors. For example, the person might be angry that the accident happened. They might feel like they are a burden on their loved ones and may not be able to cope with not being able to be a productive member of the household. Their physical and mental limitations might weigh on them, which can make everything seem even worse.

Trying to find coping mechanisms is necessary in these cases. Mental health professionals might have some suggestions to help the person with the injury. The loved ones who are caring for the person may also have to react. Attempting to remain calm and taking time to yourself might help to minimize the impact you feel due to these outbursts.

Because brain injuries are costly, victims of accidents that were caused by someone else might choose to seek compensation for their injuries. This is done through a civil lawsuit.


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