New Mexico receives failing score for quality of nursing homes

After deciding to place a loved one in a nursing home in the United States, most people likely wonder whether he or she is receiving adequate care. In many cases, these elderly individuals require assistance with daily tasks, such as feeding and administering medications. In order to ensure their safety, certain measures ought to be taken by nursing homes, to make certain they are adequately prepared to handle the unique needs of their residents.

Recently, a non-profit group - Families for Better Care - conducted an in-depth study of nursing homes across the country. Sadly, the nursing homes in New Mexico received the lowest possible score, ranking 46th in the country.

One of the main reasons for the failing grade was the lack of adequate staffing in nursing homes across the state. On average, residents in nursing homes in New Mexico receive just 2.25 hours of care from a direct care staff member and 0.75 hours of care from a certified RN each day. Just over 38 percent of the long-term care facilities in New Mexico have above average direct care staffing levels, ranking the state 45th in that category in the nation. In addition, fewer than half of the nursing homes have above average RN staffing levels.

The nursing homes in New Mexico also ranked poorly when it came to citations for deficiencies. In total, over 94 percent of New Mexico's nursing homes have been cited for deficiencies, while over 36 percent have been cited for severe deficiencies. In total, New Mexico ranked 47th across the country when it came to the percentage of long-term care facilities cited for severe deficiencies.

Protect your loved ones who reside in New Mexico nursing homes

While you may not be able to provide care personally for your loved one, you can take measures to attempt to ensure his or her safety in a long-term care facility in New Mexico.

New Mexico is one of the few states in which a law specifically allows nursing home residents to install surveillance cameras in their personal living space. In some cases, family members have chosen to install such cameras when they suspected their loved one was being mistreated.

When you suspect that your loved ones are not receiving the appropriate care at the hands of staff members tasked with protecting their well-being, there are steps you can take to ensure such problems do not continue. In such cases, you ought to consider talking to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to address the improper treatment of your loved one and make certain his or her rights are safeguarded.