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Was Your Baby’s Lack Of Oxygen Preventable?

When a fetus does not receive enough oxygen during the delivery process, that lack of oxygen can cause lifelong motor or cognitive disabilities — or both. It is especially tragic when careful monitoring and appropriate action might have prevented cerebral hypoxia.

At The Law Offices of Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski, our medical malpractice attorneys have the medical and legal knowledge to investigate what happened and why. Talk to an Albuquerque cerebral hypoxia lawyer about the birth complications that led to your baby’s injuries.

Serious Harm Can Result If A Fetus Is Not Properly Monitored

Throughout the birth process, the fetus should be monitored by a fetal monitoring machine. Nurses and doctors should always be aware of what the fetal monitor reports. When there is a deceleration of the heart rate, the doctor needs to decide quickly what action to take. Hesitation can cause a birth injury that lasts a lifetime.

At our law firm, we work with medical experts to determine what happened during birth and whether the doctor met accepted standards of care.

When lack of oxygen causes hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), brain cells die. The result is a loss of the functions controlled by those brain cells. It can mean a loss of gross motor skills (walking, for example), cognitive skills or a combination of both. HIE can cause seizures or paralysis. It can, in many cases, profoundly affect the baby’s ability to think.

If medical malpractice is responsible for cerebral hypoxia, the child and the family need the financial resources to cope with the consequences.

Cerebral Hypoxia In Older Children And Adults

Cerebral hypoxia is not only a birth injury, but also can affect children and adults of any age. Severe brain damage from loss of oxygen can be caused by blood loss during surgery, serious infections (sepsis), the heart not beating and other medical emergencies that need immediate and appropriate care.

Do You Think You Have A Claim? Consult With Us.

If your child or another relative was harmed by cerebral hypoxia caused by medical negligence, contact The Law Offices of Salazar, Sullivan & Jasionowski today to learn more about how our lawyers can help you.