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Albuquerque Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Oncologist has license suspended, patients left in limbo

People who have cancer expect that they will get the care they need from the oncologists and other people who are on their care team. When this doesn't happen, the cancer might advance or the person might be left feeling miserable when he or she should have been able to be offered some form of relief.

One oncologist in Las Cruces recently had his license to practice suspended due to allegations related to keeping patients' records in an appropriate manner and a failure to provide patients with care that met the standard of care.

Nursing homes blasted for not caring for residents

Nursing homes are supposed to properly care for the residents in their care. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which nursing homes put profits before patients. These facilities are often the site of neglect and abuse of residents.

Recently, it has come to light that a pair of nursing homes that are classified as for-profit have been associated with neglect. Nursing home neglect is a serious matter because the residents are often in fragile states and neglect can cause serious problems.

Drug allergies can lead to anaphaylaxis

Some allergic reactions aren't very serious. They might cause some itching and minor swelling. The most serious allergic reaction that can occur is anaphylaxis. This is a condition that can lead to death. Understanding a few points about this reaction is a good idea if you are taking a new medication that you haven't ever had.

Anaphylaxis is often associated with severe swelling. When the mouth, tongue and airway are the parts of the body that swell, the person might not be able to get sufficient oxygen. This is a life-threatening situation. Other signs of this severe allergic reaction include shortness of breath and wheezing.

Know what to consider in a wrongful death lawsuit

The tragic death of a loved one is something that you can't ever truly get over. Not only do you have to deal with the knowledge that you will never see your loved one alive again, you also have to deal with the financial impacts of the death.

A wrongful death claim might be the last thing on your mind right now. In fact, you might be so shaken up that you aren't even sure where to turn. As difficult as it is to think about, you might need to consider seeking compensation for your loved one's death since this could help you to reduce the financial devastation that comes from the unexpected death of a loved one.

Failure to diagnose sepsis could lead to fatal outcomes

Infections of any type could cause serious complications to your health. However, some issues could pose greater risks than others, and some infections could even have the potential to pose life-threatening or fatal harm. Luckily, many infections can be treated effectively with the proper medication when caught in enough time. Of course, you may fear that doctors or other medical staff may miss out on symptoms that could point to a serious issue.

When it comes to potentially life-threatening infections like sepsis, you certainly want the problem treated right away. However, if medical professionals overlook signs that you have developed this blood infection, you could miss out on life-saving treatment.

Inmate bleeds to death as jailers fail to act, claims lawsuit

Inmates in jails have the right to expect that they will be cared for like human beings. This includes being able to get medical assistance when there is something life-threatening going on. Unfortunately, inmates don't always get the help they need when they need it.

A lawsuit that was filed against New Mexico jailers alleges that they allowed an inmate who was locked up for a DWI bleed to death while under their care. According to the legal complaint, the man was coughing up blood when other inmates began banging on the door and smearing the blood on the window to alert the jailers that something was seriously wrong. The jailers ignored those pleas for help and left the man without any medical care.

Lab mix ups can make patients fret or relax unnecessarily

Patients rely on laboratory testing for a variety of things, including life-altering diagnosis of medical conditions. In some cases, the lab results can give the patient false hope or a false sense of worry. In both cases, it is unfair to the patient to have to deal with these issues because of errors in the lab.

The issue of errors in the lab can mean that a patient who is awaiting biopsy results gets a "no cancer" report when the sample he or she provided was actually cancerous. It can also mean that another patient is told that he or she have cancer when the sample is actually benign. In both cases, the patient can end up going through difficult medical challenges.

Brain injuries can be hard to cope with, especially financially

Brain injuries are difficult injuries to live with. This is true for the person who has the injury, as well as the people who have to help care for the person. Even children of the victim might suffer due to the effects of the brain injury. We know that this is a very difficult time for you and your family members.

There are a lot of different ways that a brain injury can impact your life. One way is that you might not be able to communicate in the way you used to. Instead, you might find that it is difficult to come up with the words that you need. You might have trouble understanding what other people are saying. This can make it hard for your family members to cope with having to try to figure out what you need and how to express what they need.

Proper monitoring is vital after surgery to prevent patient harm

Proper care after a surgery is crucial for healing. These patients have to be monitored for signs of infection. Their vital signs must be watched during this time. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which patients who are just coming out of surgery are being placed in non-surgical ICUs. This can lead to them getting less attention from doctors, which could result in significant health issues.

We know that nobody goes into surgery thinking that they are going to be forgotten about as soon as the incision is closed up. When this happens and the patient suffers, it might be possible to seek compensation for the damages.

Congress proposes sweeping changes in malpractice laws

Those in New Mexico who are fortunate enough to have never suffered an injury or lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent physician may say that a multi-million dollar malpractice lawsuit is outrageous. However, you know differently. You know that pain goes beyond physical discomfort and that, even when the physical pain abates, the emotional pain may continue.

Who can put a price or limit on the value of spending time with a loved one, the use of your arms or legs, or the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures you once did? Who can calculate the worth of months and years of frustration as you re-learn tasks you had known since childhood, like tying your shoes or walking? Unfortunately, U.S. lawmakers are pushing a bill that may do just that.