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Albuquerque Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Proper monitoring is vital after surgery to prevent patient harm

Proper care after a surgery is crucial for healing. These patients have to be monitored for signs of infection. Their vital signs must be watched during this time. Unfortunately, there are some instances in which patients who are just coming out of surgery are being placed in non-surgical ICUs. This can lead to them getting less attention from doctors, which could result in significant health issues.

We know that nobody goes into surgery thinking that they are going to be forgotten about as soon as the incision is closed up. When this happens and the patient suffers, it might be possible to seek compensation for the damages.

Congress proposes sweeping changes in malpractice laws

Those in New Mexico who are fortunate enough to have never suffered an injury or lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent physician may say that a multi-million dollar malpractice lawsuit is outrageous. However, you know differently. You know that pain goes beyond physical discomfort and that, even when the physical pain abates, the emotional pain may continue.

Who can put a price or limit on the value of spending time with a loved one, the use of your arms or legs, or the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures you once did? Who can calculate the worth of months and years of frustration as you re-learn tasks you had known since childhood, like tying your shoes or walking? Unfortunately, U.S. lawmakers are pushing a bill that may do just that.

Serious problems can occur during birth, don't suffer in silence

A woman who suffers a traumatic birth will likely find that the trauma of the birth is only aspect of life that she will have trouble dealing with. Oftentimes, these women are left to suffer in silence because the medical community is largely silent on these issues.

One of the problems that women face is that between the birth and the next medical checkup, there is usually around six weeks that go by. This is a long time for the woman to have to deal with pain. In fact, some women might think that the pain they are experiencing is normal when it is actually due to something else.

Know where to turn for compensation after a birth injury

Bringing home a precious bundle of joy is something that parents expect when they go to the hospital for a labor and delivery of a baby. Some parents who go into the hospital don't get the elated feeling when they are in the hospital because they are suddenly thrust into the horrors of a birth injury.

While it is possible for a birth injury to happen despite having appropriate medical care, there are other cases that involve medical errors that cause the injury. In these cases, the parents might choose to seek compensation for the damages the child or the mother suffered because of the birth injury.

Know your rights if you are injured during a surgical procedure

You likely wouldn't choose to go into surgery if you knew that you were going to come out of the procedure in worse shape than what you were in before the surgery. You certainly expect to feel sore and a bit off immediately after the surgery, but you don't expect that you will continue to get worse as time progresses.

When you are the victim of a surgical error, that is exactly what might happen. We recently discussed some complications that can occur after a surgery. Let's look at one in particular -- infection. If you suffer an infection after surgery, you are at a great risk.

Complications are possible after any surgical procedure

Many people are nervous when they have to go in for surgery. This is an understandable reaction considering that there really isn't any such thing as a minor surgery.

When your surgery is over, you move into the post-operative period. During this time, there are certain things that you can expect. Some of these occurrences are perfectly normal and don't cause any issues beyond some minor discomfort that is to be expected.

Delayed diagnoses can be devastating, deadly

Like many people, when you hear the term "medical malpractice," you may think of incidents wherein a doctor or other healthcare provider has committed some form of terrible misconduct or made a careless mistake that resulted in injury or harm to a patient. A far less obvious yet much more common form of medical error is delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, but the results can be just as devastating or even fatal.

When doctors accurately diagnose illnesses or diseases early, before they become too serious, the prognosis for many patients is generally optimistic. All too frequently, however, health care professionals discover misdiagnoses only after it is too late, during the autopsy performed to determine cause of death. The earlier a healthcare professional diagnoses your illness, the earlier you can receive the care you need; in many cases, delays result in serious side effects and worsened symptoms, even in cases where the doctor discovers his or her mistake before it results in death.

Family wins lawsuit against nursing home over mother's death

It didn't take a medical expert to tell that something was seriously wrong when five women looked at their mother's surgical site before they picked her up from the nursing home where she'd been recuperating.

The site where her pacemaker had been implanted was angry looking and seemed infected. The 82-year-old woman told her children and the nurses that she was in pain, and the pain was spreading out from the surgical site down her arm. Her lips were blistered and her throat hurt.

How do you know the severity of a brain injury?

You suffered because an operation went wrong; the doctor and anesthesiologist made mistakes that cut off the oxygen that should have been going to your brain. Now, you have a brain injury.

You believe that you're fortunate you're alive, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pursue a claim against the people who caused your injuries. Medical mistakes may not be reparable, and your brain injury may never heal completely. It's because of that fact that it's important you get the compensation you need to support yourself and to get the treatments you need to recover as much as possible.

Doctors errors are sometimes for profit

In our recent blog post, we discussed the case of a dentist who was accused of rendering treatments that weren't necessary. While this might seem like a unique case, it really isn't. Some medical professionals put profits before patients and do things like this.

Imagine what can happen to patients when doctors make this decision. Doctors might decide to render unnecessary treatments, but the patient might end up suffering because of this. Think about it this way -- what if a doctor performs an unnecessary surgery on a patient and the patient ends up suffering an infection after the procedure?