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October 2012 Archives

Meningitis outbreak could result in lawsuit outbreak

When a Framingham drug compounding pharmacy released tainted steroids onto the market, it began a cascading effect of lawsuits that has washed over much more than just the company itself. In addition to lawsuits directed at the compounding pharmacy, plaintiffs are also taking aim at health care providers, charging them with medical malpractice for making use of the tainted medications.

Doctor charged with failure to treat allegedly fatal bedsore

When Albuquerque doctors graduate from medical school and get their licenses, they take an oath to practice medicine ethically and honestly. Sometimes, though, doctors don't perform their jobs according to set medical standards. This can lead to medical malpractice issues like failure to diagnose and negligence charges.

Patient says frostbite a result of negligent post-op treatment

Hospitals and doctors are institutions that patients trust to treat them and cure their illnesses. However, it is distressingly common for a simple hospital visit to have unexpected adverse effects on a patient's health. Cases of inadequate training of hospital staff and negligent doctors can lead to serious and even fatal consequences.

Birth injury leads to $2.8 million medical malpractice settlement

Readers touched by children with birth injuries in New Mexico, may be interested in a recent case about a situation in which a birth injury rendered an out-of-state child unable to even sit on her own at the present age of 12 years old.

Victim never wakes up after undergoing anesthesia

It is engrained within the minds of most patients in New Mexico to trust their doctors, just as a child trusts a police officer. We look to our doctors to provide guidance and insight in times of sickness and injury. When this trust is violated and a loved-one is killed by a doctor, a family is within their rights to seek answers. However, a death while under medical care does not always qualify as medical malpractice. Instances of medical malpractice in New Mexico can be difficult to prove because there must be clear cut evidence of liability.