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January 2013 Archives

Son launches hospital negligence campaign after mother's death

When individuals visit the hospital, they have the right to expect accurate, timely care. While some emergency rooms may see a higher than average number of patients, medical professionals still have the responsibility to accurately diagnose and treat urgent cases that come to them. Sadly, hospital negligence often leads to long-term complications from injuries, and sometimes cases of negligence can be fatal.

Only 2 percent of medication errors reported to patient, family

When a person is injured, it is expected that the hospital that administers treatment as well as the medical staff will give proper care. Hospital negligence on the part of the hospital staff may lead to severe or fatal injuries in some cases, so it's wise to understand what to do if the situation arises. Those in Albuquerque may be interested in a recent study that has examined medical mistakes in hospitals around the United States. The study focused on mistakes made with medications and found that many mistakes were more likely to occur in the intensive care units, or ICUs. The study shows that hospital staff members are less likely to tell ICU patients or family members about medical errors than patients in other parts of the hospital. In fact, the study showed that hospital was only informed patients and their family members of errors immediately after they occurred in 2 percent of cases.

Supreme Court ruling could affect malpractice settlements

When a child is born, families hope the baby is safe and healthy. Sometimes, however, mistakes are made by medical staff that can result in a serious birth injury to the child. In those cases, it's important that families receive proper compensation for their medical expenses, as well as for their pain and suffering.

Pain doctor in New Mexico loses medical license

A medical error can include a mistake with drugs, such as prescribing the wrong drug, dose or timing. Doctor negligence can have serious consequences and may even be fatal, especially when it results in a drug overdose. The following case shows how dangerous pain medication can be in large doses.

Doctor suspended after falsifying records

Patients rely on doctors to give the best possible care. When doctors make errors, patients' health can be put at risk. Victims of doctor errors should understand all possible legal options. In many cases, compensation may be available for medical expenses or pain and suffering caused by the negligence of a physician. New Mexico residents might be interested to learn about a recent case involving a doctor accused of falsifying medical records.

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